From Monemvasia to Cythera

Traveling with Christos.

“Searching for Ithaca this year, the land of Cythera defined our destination. Cythera is the island of the goddess Aphrodite. Our stopover was the beautiful village of Monemvasia. The welcoming, hospitality and smile are the first characteristics we loved about this place. The hospitality reserved a very agreeable experience for the next morning. We could have the chance to step over grapes in the traditional way and celebrate the beginning of the grape harvest.

“Put a quart into a pint”

Since we enjoyed this beautiful experience, we started for the port of Neapoli, where a boat was waiting in order to cross us over the opposite port which was our final destination at Aphrodite’s island. The duration of the sailing is one hour and twenty minutes approximately. The first scent gave the impression that you landed in another planet. Quietness and peace prevailed in the air. The countryside’s scents, brushy vegetation and in between pictures of stone filled your eyesight.

Calm people, without musts and rules, enjoy life, nature and the environment. They concern themselves with art and anything that is creative and fill their daily lives. The most pleasant thing: the island is not destined to attract tourism in a way we imagine and are used to, but to attract those that love life. That is why many people that have visited Cythera say:

“Either you are going to love it or hate it”

The natural beauty of the land plays tricks. Main protagonists of this beautiful game are tall trees, hidden water complexes with lakes and waterfalls and beaches with turquoise waters. Little villages unravel stories from pirates at the table in the coffeehouse at the square. There you experience moments in the nature being carefree and having as a company the aromatic greek coffee and traditional homemade pastries. Our favourites are koumaro and melounia. The treasure of the local and traditional products of the island overflows.

I call on discovering it….”

Personal experience of Christos Tzoutis-a lover of trips (

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